Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crazy Labels

Country of Origin Labels....Some food has it, some food doesn't. How is that determination made you ask? It is pretty simple (and dumb at the same time). If you have this

(fresh bay that's not a picture of another kind of herb...)

Then the country of origin MUST be identified for the consumer BUT if the bay leaves look like this

all bets are off. Companies are not required to tell you were it comes from. Once it is processed in any way, like being mixed with something else or dried and then put in a bottle, the country of origin labeling rule is out the window. Unless the company elects to say Product of whatever country it is, there is no way for you to know for sure. Oh yeah, just because it says USDA Organic on the label (just noticed this picture has it) doesn't mean it is the kind of organic that you and I hoped it would be.

Interesting read below regarding some organic food. I read the other day that there's something like 266 farmers of organic food in China that grow "organic" food for us. I put the word organic in quotes because i am not sure how legitimate organic food is coming from China. Makes me want to get more from my local farmers market and less from what is being called organic in the stores.

The next post will be on the FDA and what it is saying about food safety around the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

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