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Please help these folks by taking action here and letting others know about what is going on.

Please help these folks by signing their petition. It may not affect you directly, but it is affecting someone right now. As citizens of the US, we should start taking care of each other and rebuilding our country.



Increasing imports from Japan is NOT a good idea right now. They have barely scratched the surface in terms of cleaning up after Fukushima. Check out the other entries on this blog for more details, plus the information below.

On the heels of learning of the rebuilding of buildings with rocks from a quarry located near the Fukushima Diiachi Nuclear Power Plant, I really wonder if we should be purchasing from Japan. Will they be mixing their radioactive material into things they make and send all over the globe? Anybody who denies the possibility of this probably would have also denied the possibility that the Japanese government would have allowed for the rebuilding of their country by mixing in waste material. It seems unbelievable, but it did happen. See below.

I'm no nuclear expert but seriously, if the folks walking around the quarry have to wear full suits with masks on as to not contaminate themselves, shouldn't that quarry have been shut down?

When things like that happen the government needs to be held accountable, whether that is the local or national government or both. That's really not right for the people of Japan and to whomever will be on the receiving end of whatever else they decide to mix it into. Are they mixing it into other things they are selling? I hope not.


Japan probes radioactive apartment block

How on earth could a 3 story condiminum have been reconstructed with rocks from a quarry located near the Fukushima, Diacchi Nuclear Power Plant?

That begs two more questions: 1. Why did the Japanese government not ban usage of rocks from the quarry being in close proximity to the nuclear power plant? 2. What else was constructed using rocks from the same quarry? Surely it wasn't just this one apartment building.

And as confirmation of this, a video. Apparently the rock was delivered to around 250 companies so it is definitely going to show up in other places too.

While this video is in Japanese, you don't need to speak it to understand the video.

The quote below was taken from the article above.

"Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura said annual radiation exposure for someone living in the building would be at around 10 millisieverts, half the government-mandated evacuation level of 20 millisieverts"

This is actually a pretty sad statement if you know anything about this situation. The rate of "acceptable" exposure that was set by the Chernobyl disaster was 1 milliservet a year. Some skeptical citizens decided to measure their children using non government issue geiger counters. The readings the parents were getting were way higher than the 1 milliservet a year on the non government issued Geiger counters.

The government's response? to set the new level of "acceptable" exposure to 20X the amount of radiation set by the disaster of Chernobyl! Then everything after, including this article, makes it sound like oh, this finding is nothing to worry about, because it is 10 times under the limit set by government whereas the reality is it is actually 10 times OVER the amount set by the previous worst nuclear disaster known to man, Chernobyl.


As suspected, the contaminated rock has gone to other places including to build a road outside a school and to repair an irrigation channel. Is the water running through there now contaminated too?

This article says that the contaminated water way went to supply water to agriculture so are the crops contaminated too? Who is that food going to?

Picture above and writing below, taken from this link

"Contaminated crushed stone pieces taken from a quarry in the government's expanded evacuation zone following the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant have been used to repair an irrigation channel and a road outside a school in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture.

The discovery was made after authorities began tracking down the whereabouts of 5,280 tons of the material that was quarried from Namie Town, in the same prefecture, after the stones were used in the construction of a condominium building in Nihonmatsu City, which was later found to contain high levels of radiation. The material is proving difficult to track because it has been sold to more than 100 construction companies throughout the prefecture.

One company said it was part of a group of firms that bought and used about eight tons of the crushed stone pieces to pave a road in front of a primary school in the city's south in April. The work was done to repair cracks caused by the March 11 earthquake and covered a total area of about 80 square meters across three locations along the road.

In a test Monday, the primary school found radioactivity in the air around the repaired road ranged from 0.4 to 0.5 microsievert per hour, almost as same as that detected in neighboring areas. But the school has advised students to walk along the side of the road as a precautionary measure.

The city government said the crushed stone was also mixed with fresh concrete used to repair an irrigation channel in April.

It believes the repaired section of the waterway is contaminated with radioactive cesium. A test conducted this month detected 1.62 to 1.97 microsieverts of radiation per hour at the waterway, higher than the 0.7 to 1.0 microsievert of radiation per hour found in surrounding areas.

The Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry said all the crushed stone pieces in question were shipped from Namie Town to two ready-mix concrete companies, one in Nihonmatsu City and the other in Motomiya City, as well as to 17 construction companies in the prefecture.

The ministry said documents suggest the crushed stone was then sold by the Nihonmatsu company to more than 100 other businesses, while the Motomiya company distributed the material to dozens of firms. It is difficult to establish the exact route of the crushed stone, the ministry added.

The Yomiuri Shimbun spoke to 11 of the 17 construction firms that bought the material, and all said they used the crushed stone in Fukushima Prefecture. A senior official of a Kawamata Town company that bought more than 500 tons of the crushed stone, said the material was used to build roads and there was never any speculation that the material had been contaminated by radioactive substances.

Futaba Saiseki Kogyo Co. is responsible for operating the quarry and shipping the stone pieces. The company's president, Mitsuru Igari, 50, apologized at a press conference Monday. Igari said he feels sorry for what happened and added that he had pride in the work he was doing because he was helping to rehabilitate the area when others were abandoning it."

Japan set to burn tons and tons of nuclear waste through 2014
Surely Japan is set to become THE worst nuclear disaster with the irresponsible spreading of contamination from doing things like this and also by dealing with the nuclear waste material by deciding to burn it into the atmosphere until the year 2014.


Both people in Japan and people in the US. There are tons, and tons, and tons, of waste material. It really should be buried but that is too costly and time consuming despite probably being the most responsible thing to do if you can call it that.

One of the most IRRESPONSIBLE acts would be to burn it. Which is what they are choosing to do. Why is it irresponsible? Because it is like March 11 over and over and over again when burning it. Toxic, cancer causing materials are blown into the air and everyone around, everything thing around, is put into jeopardy health wise.

Look at how this has affected the milk in California. It is actually WORSE now than 6 months ago. The burning needs to stop!!

People downwind, that's everyone on the west coast of the USA, and even beyond will be affected by this for the next 2 years and probably more as their health will be affected. Food that is supplied to Americans and other countries will be contaminated from fall out. The prevailing winds will carry the new toxic material from each burn over the ocean, most likely contaminating sea life, and will continue travelling west to then contaminate the soil, crops, water, and lungs of people breathing in the contaminated air.

The tough thing about radiation is that we cannnot see it, touch it, taste it, etc. Some of it, particles called hot particles, we can't even pick up with a geiger counter but they can still latch into a person's lungs and cause cancer.

In my book, what the government is doing is a crime against humanity. Burning radioactive material anytime, anyplace, in my book should be illegal, but as I have found out (see issue #1 above) it is not and is done with relative frequency.

But the thing we are talking about in Japan is different, a lot different. It is a magnitude thing. So even people who think burning toxic nuclear waste into the air is okay, this kind of scale that the Japanese government is really not. Its quite frankly unacceptable and is a crime against humanity all around the globe.

Furthermore, it appears that radioactive material is getting into things like building materials now as mentioned at the start of this entry. That's not right.

Last week or so, Bed Bath and Beyond recalled toilet paper roll holders, the thing you put your toilet paper on, because they had radioactive material in them. Where did the raw material to make those come from? Was it Japan? I really wonder. Maybe they are deciding that another option to get rid of it is to combine it into products for sale, then they can actually make money off the radioactive material instead of doing the more responsible, more costly thing, which would be to bury it. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions. Maybe the material is from some other part of the world, but whoever is combining radioactive material into products for sale is definitely not doing the right thing.

To solve the problem with all that radioactive material in Japan, I think countries from around the world should pitch in to help defer some of the costs to bury it instead of burning it. They should have a world wide fund drive for that specific cause. We owe it to Japan to help out. I would donate to that cause.

The Japanese government really, really needs to stop sending contaminated food around the world. Stop telling other governments it is okay and other governments should stop believing the Japanese government. Seriously. We should all be gathering around them as countries and send them clean food instead.

Mothers in Japan agree.

Mothers in Japan have told their story from their perspective.


This is a horrible story. Chinese citizens also see there are problems. The government has interest in doing things as cheaply as possible. That's what counts most for them.

This also applies to our food supply. China gets over 4.9 Billion dollars from our corporate america food suppliers who want the cheapest ingredients possible so that their profit margin can be as high as possible.

This is wrong for the obvious reason that they are doing it is b/c it is cheap, not b/c it is the healthy for your family to consume, and it is also wrong for some not so obvious other reasons too.

How could this possibly be going on? This wonderfully done video from food and water watch pretty much sums it up. The flood gates to free trade with China opened wide in the 1970s. Corporate america jumped on the bandwagon fast because it was sooo much cheaper to get ingredients for our food supply from there instead of American Farmers and all they care about is how BIG their profit margin can be.

CORPORATE FAT CAT MENTALITY--So what if our consumers get cancer because we are getting cheap stuff that may be adulterated! So what if your kid develops food allergies or behavioral problems... DOESN'T MATTER TO US!! WE ARE MAKING LOTS OF $$$ HA HA!! Plus there's no way you will EVER be able to connect the events together since you won't get the cancer or have kids with problems unless you are genetically predisposed to it and it won't happen right after you eat it it will be years from now and you won't be able to trace it back to us HA HA!! Our hands are clean!!! So sickening what corporate greed has done...

Points perfectly to the need for country of origin labeling. Once we know the truth about what is going on where, we can start voting with our wallets, voting for things without China in it. Vote for feeding our families with products from American Farms the way it used to be before the flood gates of trade with China opened in the 1970s, back when there was LESS childhood cancer, LESS kids with food allergies, etc. Please sign the petition. It's a good thing for the health of our families and for our country. Corporate America should be sourcing from the HEALTHIEST places, not the cheapest.

Sourcing from american farmers are more likely to take pride in the food ingredients they produce for our families. Plus they deserve our support as anytime we can offer support to someone in America it helps our economy in one way or another.

We need to let our reps know we want country of origin labeling. Help get this done by signing and sharing the petition below. Fat cats need to be held accountable for what they are doing. Time they stop being allowed to hide behind "Made in USA" whereas the reality is the ingredients that make up the things we consume everyday are coming from all kinds of other places.


I'd be saying the same thing if I lived in China and I found out the US were doing these things. No matter where you live, you have to have some common sense when it comes to national security. If you are in China, you would be smart not to do business with a business associated with the United States Military and if you live in the US you are smart not to do business with a company that has ties to the Chinese Military.

Imagine a Chinese company that has ties to the Chinese Liberation Army, the company was actually started by a former member, and that company comes knocking on the door of the United States of America and says "Excuse me, but we want to do a great favor for you. We want to be the ones to provide you with the telecommunications services for your nation's first responders in the case of a national emergency. Let's get started!" You'd have to be pretty dumb to think that's a good idea. Seriously. That's like having the fox guard the chicken coop.

We'll guess what? That invitation actually came!

The government was smart enough to say no thank you to that deal. After all, any sports fan knows you don't give away your game plans to a competitor or a chief rival, right?

The story gets better. This same company, the one that has ties to the Chinese Military, figures those darn Americans, they won't let us in the front door, let's try the back door instead! So you know what this company does just one month later? They purchase a 49% share in Symanetic, the computer company that supposedly guards the security of our computers! Who approved that deal??? If there's a deal that needs to be rescended it would be that one!!

My hunch is Symantic probably got a good chunk of change for agreeing to that deal and I doubt they were thinking hum...wonder what the Chinese might do when they have access to the things we do.... Of course not! The money is too good for us to be thinking about something as trivial as national security! Thank you China and now let's get on with spending the $$ from our new found wealth!!

This is really wrong to be doing. Check out why here.

Meantime China has got to be thinking we are the most stupid, naive, selfish, greedy fools on the face of the earth because basically by Symantic agreeing to the deal they are doing all the things mentioned above.

This points to the root of many of our problems in America today. We are overrun by corporate greed. Corporate america is NOT thinking about how things affect us as citizens down the road, they are thinking about how good things can get for THEM, today, right now. This corporate behavior of being stupid, selfish, and greedy has got to stop. It has become the way other nations view our country which is so wrong. Our nation as a whole is not like that. Same goes for China. Their nation is not like that either. The average citizen does not believe it is right to taint foods for example to make them cheaper and unsafe but there are plenty of people in China doing it right now to make a bigger profit not only for their only their people to eat but for your family to eat too (see blog on why no food from China).


Think about this for a minute. China is making 40.5 Billion per month and has been doing so since July 2005.

That's a lot of money! That's a lot of money to be doing whatever they want to become the world's superpower..stealing technology...building their military, etc. How the heck do they make that kind of money?? Simple. Because of us. As citizens we have been choosing year after year to by cheap China, dumping our hard earned money over there. If we care anything about the future of the United States, its got to stop.

Buying Made in China is not only decimating our labor force --buying Made in China supports their labor force. Ultimately it also ruins our country because while our economy continues downward because, in part, many of our jobs have been sent to China putting USA workers out of work, meaning they can't make purchases, they can't invest and buy here in the US, and less money in our economy means we have to do things like cut back our military, cut back in investments in technologies, and cut back in education for future generations. How will that ever build a strong country??

China on the other hand, thanks to our purchasing cheap things from them that ends up in our landfills, continues to get stronger, and stronger, and stronger because of our need for cheapness. Their technology improves. Their military gets stronger. Everyday they are one step closer to becoming the world's superpower. We've got to change this by each one of us voting for the USA with our wallets and stop sending so much of our money over to China. Search out USA alternatives for whatever it is you need and if none can be found, purchase from any other country besides China. We need to start balancing things out. Right now the scale has tipped very far in China's favor and we need to develop more equity across the board by not choosing China. Our money is better in the hands of USA workers if at all possible, and if not, seek out an alternative to China.



Australia leases out mineral-rich land as China's hunger for resources grows


From a Chinese Newspaper

here's more

The Chinese Government Is Buying Up Economic Assets And Huge Tracts Of Land All Over The United States


And from the horse's mouth directly: website

Interesting it says here "Foreign Direct Investment recruitment will be successful in Idaho as we expand our reach into Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia."(a.k.a. China)
Don't they mean, "Foreign Direct Investment recruitment will be successful in China as they allow as they expand their reach into the US?



Need I say more?! Money in politics is at the root of most every problem we have an our country. Think about that. Must watch article and videos here. Our founding fathers must be turning over in their graves. This isn't how it was supposed to be. We MUST find a way to get money out of politics.


Look, my two oldest kids are in 3rd and 4th grade. They are learning about how our gov is a representative gov, meaning they represent US.

The way things are going now, their textbooks are not giving it accurately. In order to give a more accurate account, textbooks should be rewritten to say we have a rep gov where politicians are elected to then make decisions to best represent their own self-interests.

Is this what we want for our country going forward??

Any adult in this country should be disgusted by this. Anyone who cares about the future of the United States should really be ashamed that things have gotten this bad and we should all work together to make things right. We can't have a strong healthy nation with this crap going on. A really good starting place would be to get money/favors out of politics so that honest representation can begin.

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