Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Get It Now

Before I didn't understand why the FDA is allowing sourcing from around Fukushima, Japan, the site of the worst nuclear disaster known to man. That place is riddled with cancer causing nuclear radiated material, I just didn't get it, but now I do.

It all came together for me when someone sent me an image used by Occupy. Here is the diagram that help me put it all together in my mind. Look at what the middle piece says about what Occupy Wall Street Protesters have in common with the Tea Party in that bigger circle in the middle, "Large corporations lobby for the government to have more power, and in return the government enacts laws and regulations favorable to large corporations..."

This is exactly what the FDA does. The FDA is not an organization truly in place to protect your health as their motto claims.
I've learned through all this that the FDA is a government agency that is influenced by politicians. These politicians are influenced by lobbyist who support big food and medicine companies who push for what works out best for them, like sourcing from cancer causing nuclear radiated Japan, it is probably quite cheap to do, not necc what is in our best interest health wise.

As far as I'm concerned,
should have a FDA type agency that is an independent agency, really super far removed from politics and the bribes of the corporate world if it is to truly be looking out for our health and well-being. If they really were doing that know, there would be no way in hell they would not be allowing sourcing of our ingredients from around Fukushima, Japan. Allowing this to happen defies common sense to the max and points out that something other than protecting our health is driving the FDA. I think it is politics, trying to keep diplomacy going, and corporate america who want to keep cheap things rolling in to maximize their profits no matter what the health ramifications are on your health or mine.

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